Overseas Education Fair at Nagpur

Overseas Education Fair at Nagpur on Date: Sunday 7th Dec. 2014, Time: 10.30 am to 5.30 pm, Venue: Seminar Hall of Krishna Consultants , Nagpur.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

International Education and learning gives an opportunity to study and perform in an Worldwide field thereby enhancing learners abilities and making his or her indicate in a new country. Education and learning from an Worldwide college/University is identified and well known across the globe. Worldwide colleges/Universities are extremely upgraded with newest educating technology and offer(…)

Inauguration of New Branch Office at Bangalore and Ahmedabad of Krishna Consultants.

Welcoming the official opening of Krishna Consultants, new location for our business in Bangalore & Ahmedabad is an important step towards realizing the company’s long term vision for growth. We are great hearted to be the pathfinder in the development of studies overseas business industry. Along with the already existing Krishna Consultants head office in(…)

F1 Student Visa Interview Experience

Fall 2014  F1 Visa F1 Student Visa Interview Experience MS in Electrical Engg- Mumbai By Yashashree Wase Appointment time: 10 A. M. Counter No. : 27 VI (Visa Interviewer) was an American lady in her 40’s and the candidate appeared for interview just before me had argument with that lady so I was worried that(…)

F1 Student Visa Interview Experience : By Shirin Biswas

Institution:                   Duke University Date of Interview:       16th June 2014   F-1 Visa Interview Experience: My OFC appointment was scheduled for 2pm on a Sunday. Anticipating huge rush of applicants I reached the venue an hour earlier. They had a single queue for all appointments, however preference was given to applicants according to their(…)

Fall 2014 F1 Visa: F1 Student Visa Interview Experience

Fall 2014  F1 Visa F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – BS in Exercise Science – Mumbai By Shobit Jain Visa interview I am standing in queue (counter no. 28) and the visa officer is not there. VO came after 15 mins and he was a handsome hunk (around 27-30 yrs). The guy who was standing(…)

Admission without GRE into High ranked University.

Golden opportunity for all those students who are still struggling with their GRE scores and not able to secure the requisite scores to apply to high ranked Universities. End your hardships now and apply to high ranked Universities without GRE. We are glad to update and inform all of you that INTO University of South(…)

Lincoln University is excited to announce 1 year taught masters

Lincoln University is excited to announce the addition of four new 1 year taught masters programmes. Master of Business in Accounting and Finance Master of Business in Global Management and Marketing Master of International Rural Development Master of Science in Food Innovation We are confident they will generate a lot of interested amongst Krishna Consultants- Studies(…)

F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – Masters in Business Intelligence – Mumbai

Spring 2014  F1 Visa F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – Masters in Business Intelligence – Mumbai By Sonal Nagrale Yah..I Got Visa to USA! Location: Mumbai Attempt: 1st Status: Approved Course: – Masters in Business Intelligence I was waiting for my turn to come. And was preparing for the counter where I was standing. Suddenly,(…)

How to get visa for overseas studies?

Studying overseas is a dream come true for many young students. Youngsters who wish to pursue their careers abroad or intend to enroll in a university which is known and accredited worldwide, apply for an overseas studies visa in order to travel to a well-known country to study. Overseas studying is considered to be an expensive(…)