Why Study at University of London?

The University Of London
The University Of London

The University of London is a federal University and is one of the oldest, largest and most diverse universities in the UK.

The University of London is recognized globally as a world leader in Higher Education.

Location of The University of London sums up a considerable central London estate of 180 buildings in Bloomsbury, near Russell Square tube station. The University’s colleges have main buildings on this estate, including Bloomsbury Campus, Senate House and Stewart House.

Consisting of 19 self-governing Colleges of outstanding reputation, together with the prestigious Institutes of the School of Advanced Study  and a number of other central academic activities University of London is a huge institution imparting outstanding education to international students.

They have an outstanding international reputation for the quality of the teaching and research at their Colleges and Institutes.  Virtually every subject is covered in the curriculum of the university covering academic matters, finance, human resources, governance, and the estate administration.

Multi-dimensional subjects can be studied at each level from foundation, undergraduate, post graduate, research, diploma and degree courses.

Speciality of University Of London:

1.The University of London has a long-established reputation for excellence in teaching and research, attracting students from all parts of the UK and from across the globe.

2. The University of London degree is highly regarded world-wide.

3. While studying at University of London you will have the chance to study at world-class institutions and in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of one of the world’s most exciting and vibrant cities.

4. Choosing this University you come to the very best programmes and facilities to help you achieve the highest academic distinction and give you a head start in your chosen career.

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Website of The University of London – http://www.london.ac.uk/
credit: london.ac.uk

Study in The Ashmark Institute of Australia.


The Ashmark Institute is located in the very heart of Melbourne Central Business District making it easy to find on first arrival is minutes walk from Flinders Street Station, and you find accessible public transport here too.

Melbourne has a wonderful reputation for welcoming international students. It enjoys the reputation of the city with fourth largest intake of overseas students in the world.

The Ashmark Institute offers innovative programs that meet the standards of international level with excellent teaching staff, interactive atmosphere and individualised attention to the students. The qualified teachers have vast experience teaching overseas students and they understand the difficulties international students face in adapting to study methods foreign to them and will offer the necessary support for students to achieve academic success.

Recognised as a leader in teaching excellence they give detail to courses to ensure they reflect the most current industry needs. A vibrant campus environment with great services and facilities is the hallmark of The Ashmark Institute.

The Ashmark Institute of Australia is a institute offering programs in

* English, Business
* Automotive Technology and Production Horticulture
* Certificate III ESL (further study)
* Certificate III in Wholesale Nursery
* Diploma in Business Management
* Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology
* Diploma in Business Management
* Diploma in Business Management.

This Institute educates a diverse student body to become responsible global citizens and future leaders through a challenging learning environment.

One of the biggest challenges faced by Ashmark is facing international students whose first language is not English and the condition for higher education is  communicating knowledge in both written and oral English. However the institute provides the prerequisites to the students to improve their English proficiency by immersing themselves into and being conscious of their surroundings. They offer VET Courses where a students proficiency is developed in equivalence with IELTS score.

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Website of the Ashmark Institute – http://www.ashmark.edu.au/

The Ashmark institute of Australia

Student Visa to US, UK & Australia

Student VISA
Student VISA

Student Visas are issued for the period it takes the visitor to complete his/her course of study, program or work assignment.

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On a regular basis, we are in touch with the Consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules. We are always updated with latest developments taking place in this field.

You can see & download VISA application form & other documents from below mentioned links..

1. VISA assistance for Australia.
2. VISA assistance for USA.
3. VISA assistance for UK.

GRE Exam – Score Making Factors

tips to score in gre examGRE – Graduate Record Examination general test. It measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills that are not related to any specific field of study. GRE is conducted by Education Testing Services (ETS).

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Our Coaching has the following –

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3. Comprehensive Study Material.
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5. Mock Tests.
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See Visually – The score making factors for GRE Exam.

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