Feedback from student :-University of New Haven

feedback from canada students

I am doing very good, thank you.

University of New Haven(UNH) is pretty good university. I would definitely recommend this university for Engineering students. The faculty is very good and helpful. Scholarships and financial aid is not as good as one would expect. If some is trying to come to USA and is not sure about getting acceptance from any other University, then UNH is the best choice. It prefers international students and especially Indian students.

On campus jobs are not easy to get. I am not interested in working a part time job. Getting a job after graduation is not easy, and one does not have a job security either. I currently have my own business and do help students to make extra income on part time basis. If some students are looking at UNH or even other universities in USA to study, but have concern about finding a part time job I can definitely help them. One more thing weather over here is not very pleasant, which is why most of the students prefer to transfer after a semester or two.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask for more information. KC has helped me a lot with application process and I am very thankful to them.

Thank You.