F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – M.S. in Electrical Engg – Chennai

USA_visitor_visaSpring 2014  F1 Visa

F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – M.S. in Electrical Engg Chennai

By K. Kaamesh

Yah..I Got Visa to USA!

  • Location: Chennai
  • Attempt: 1st
  • Status: Approved

Course: – M.S. in Electrical Engg

Visa Officer:  Please pass the passport.

Me: Gave him.

Visa Officer:  I-20

Me: Gave

Visa Officer:  So, Wright State University?

Me: Yes

Visa Officer:   Where is it?

Me: Ohio, Dayton

Visa Officer:   How many students go there?

Me: Around 12000 in UG and around 2000 in PG. (took few seconds to recollect the ans from the memory. He also helped with the answer.)

Visa Officer:   What did u do after graduation? When did u graduate?

Me: Told, worked till Feb-2013, June-2012.

Visa Officer:   So lost interest after that?

Me: No, I carried out the study in a passive manner i.e. studied at home and then went on preparation for GRE and TOEFL.

Visa Officer:   How was our score?

Me: Fine.

Visa Officer:   What was the percentile in Verbal?

Me: Told.

Visa Officer:   You are not convincing.

Me: I scored 299 in GRE, which is quite a good mark.

Visa Officer:   You are going to study Electrical and Electronics Engg.(looking at the i-20). Why?

Me: Told him it is my favorite subject, robotics is what i would like further in electronics.  Want to make a good career out of it.

Visa Officer:   How will you manage the cost?

Me: My parents have a liquid balance of……………..

Visa Officer:   (Smilingly) Liquidity means what! Do they have money stashed inside the mattresses or what?

Me: Smilingly replied, no they both work in nationalized banks.

Visa Officer:   They both?

Me: Yes!

Visa Officer:   Ok congratulations. You may go to US.

Me: Thank you very much!!!