How to Write an Effective Study Abroad Resume?

The admission committee goes through a lot of applications throughout the day and you need to write a good Resume to stand out. A resume is a summary of the professional as well as academic qualifications that you have. It also represents the achievements and skills you possess. Your resume casts your first impression on the admission committee and therefore it should be designed very carefully and critiqued accordingly. Applying for MS or MBA requires a different approach altogether and it certainly differs from any other resume for job application. Below are some tips to keep in mind while writing a resume for a master’s degree and MBA.


Resume Tips for Master’s Degree

  • When you apply for MS you have to basically highlight your educational background since it is given preference. This is different than any job application or for the MBA programs.

  • You need to present your skills and qualifications which are relevant to the course that you have applied for. This could include any course that you might have undertaken pertaining to the course which you have applied for.

  • Writing about your professional experience does not have the number one priority while applying for masters. You can mention the professional experience that you have which can include the previous technical projects that you might have done.

  • You can also mention some specific skills which you have learnt or acquired during your bachelors or after that.

  • In the section of Personal Information you can write your full name, the contact address, date of birth, phone number and email address. You can also add the details of your web page or social media page. Including the details of your blog is also a good idea since it gives information about your hobbies and interests.

  • While writing the objective section you can write about the course which you want to apply to. You can directly write about the course which you are applying for. Another way of writing your objective is to write about the opportunity that you are looking forward to how will the degree help you in your career.

  • Towards the end of your resume, you can mention about your hobbies, interests and the extra-curricular activities. This is a good way of showing your interpersonal skills and leadership skills.

Resume for MBA

  • There is a lot of competition in the business schools and a good resume can create a good impression. Resume plays a key role in MBA admissions and you should know how to write a good one.

  • Most of the universities expect the students to have a work experience starting from 2 to 10 years and need to showcase their professional experience along with the skills which are required for the job. MBA expects you to develop the organizational skills within the course itself.

  • Your professional qualification is the most important aspect of your resume when it comes to MBA. It should have your work experience, projects and the internships details.

  • When it comes to education qualification you need write about your previous education, your GMAT score and any short term programs that you might have done related to the course that you are going to choose.

  • While writing your personal information you can write about your full name, the phone number, address and date of birth and email id. You can add your web or social media page.

  • While writing the objective of the MBA resume you can write about how the particular degree will help you in gaining the competencies required for your career.

  • You can write about the extra-curricular activities that you have been part of as it showcases your leadership skills and the interpersonal skills that you have.


If you want to apply for MS or MBA programs overseas, the above tips can help you write the resume while applying to the universities abroad. After writing the resume you should cross check it to make it error free. The resume should be devoid of any grammatical errors and typing mistakes. A single mistake can prevent you from getting into your dream university. Good Luck!