Revealed: Top 10 Most Popular Courses to Study in UK

Popular Courses to Study in UK

According to statistics, there are around 7, 20000 students who apply to the colleges and universities for degree courses to study in uk through UCAS. Students applied to some of the most applied universities like the University of St Andrews, the Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine and the University of Cambridge. The students usually apply to the courses which are approximately 40,000 in number. Below are the top 10 popular courses to study in UK which the students apply to.

#1. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy courses in uk

The treatment of illness, diseases, and injuries via physical methods such as heat treatment, massage, and exercise. Physiotherapy works alongside the drug treatment or devoid of it. The graduates usually progress to work in the Government sector or private sector. They work in hospitals or for the professional sports team. Around 81% of the physiotherapy graduates are in positive destinations within six months of completing the course.

#2. Business Studies

Business studies in uk

Over 280,000 applicants have chosen business studies every year for the past two years. A business degree might not sound very fascinating to the students but it happens to have some of the highest employment rates in the UK. This makes it obvious why it is so in demand.

#3. Arts and Design

art and design in uk

There are a lot of subjects in this field like fine art, animation, and fashion designing. There are around 200,000 applications each year for the same and it is one of the most searched subjects according to stats. Surprisingly, students also apply in large numbers for the Make-up courses to study in uk. This is an area where the students learn how to make the models or actors look for a specific role. The application of it include media or the fashion industries. The exciting careers include theatrical make-up and special effects.

#4. Law

law in uk

As expected, Law is one of the most searched courses to study in uk in the past few years. The degree provides the students with the skills required to practice law. The skills acquired in the same are analytical thinking, research, interpretation, good oral communication, teamwork, attention to detail and the ability to draft the formal documents.

#5. Social Studies

social studies in uk

Similar to the creative arts courses, the social studies courses contains many subjects such as psychology, social work, and criminology. These subjects are highly demanded in the UK since there are a lot of people interested in how people work and how the society functions. Within social studies, psychology is a popular field which is nothing but the study of human mind. It is an analysis of why people behave the way they do.

#6. Medicine and Surgery

medical and surgery in uk

Medicine is the study of the diagnosis, prevention of disease and treatment. Whereas, surgery is the medical operation on a patient to treat, repair and improve the body. It is a profession where you are continually learning. The courses last for several years longer than a regular undergraduate degree, but the results are equally rewarding as it has one of the highest earning potential.

#7. Computer Science

computer science course in uk

There are around 100 universities to study in UK who teach this course and the average number of applications are over 97,000 as witnessed in 2014. Those studying this complicated science specialize in the computational systems which is an area of study that dominates our world today. Those who want to apply for this course need to be good in mathematics and should have a good imagination which helps them in their studies as well as in the professional environment.

#8. Marine Biology

marine biology courses in uk

Marine biology is the study of organisms in the marine environment. This dark depth of this sea-based science exploring the amount of life that exists under water. The graduates studying this subject take up the preservation of the Earth, and the students are well sought after in the field as well as in the business world.

#9. Education

education in uk

The education degrees continually appear in the top 10 lists for the courses to study in UK. This subject encompasses everything from the early education to the teaching degrees and comes with good prospects. However, it is quite challenging to gain a permanent job as a teacher in the UK.

#10. Actuarial Science

actuarial science courses in uk

This is an application of math and stats to assess the risk in the financial situations. It is a really good option for those who are interested in solving business problems and money. The graduates progress into career routes such as insurance and accountancy as well as actuarial studies.

Final Thought

The students wanting to study in United Kingdom have an array of options to choose from. The most popular courses opted by the students are not among the generic courses as usually opted by the students. This shows how the choices and preferences of the students have evolved over the past years. Happy Decision Making!

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