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We are living in an era where advancements have reached new levels thanks to the growing technology. The developments that have brought a significant change across the globe have also led to the offering of unmatched quality in many of the countries out of which Ireland stands to be one of them. Be it the infrastructure, safety, studies or the people, Ireland has proven itself to be qualitative against many well-known and settled nations. This scenario of Ireland makes it much more appealing to anyone who is looking to take a visit or aspires to pursue his/her career goals in Ireland. This blog brings you the insights of Ireland, a country that neighbors United Kingdom with its various aspects that has made it a place worth visiting especially for studies.

Some quick facts to know about Ireland

Ireland Facts

Ireland is located in North-west of Europe; a country surrounded by The United Kingdom and politically divided between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (a part of U.K.). Being a country with a population of approximately 48 Lakhs and with an urban population of its capital Dublin being approximately 13 Lakhs, Ireland perches as the friendly nation with Irish and English as the official languages. Apart from Dublin, some of the other major cities in Ireland are namely Cork, Galway and Limerick that are equally awe-inspiring with their phenomenal scenic beauties. These cities are also known for their qualitative education facilities, accommodating in them, many of the world rank universities with provisions of good education and job placements.

It has also become one of the modern day Information Technology hubs, thanks to the taxation rates being 12% that has given a broader platform to all the prodigious and gigantic IT enterprises to set up their units here. Some of the well-known organizations that have dwelled in Ireland unfolding numerous job opportunities for aspirants are Intel, Microsoft, Google and Facebook along with various other IT companies. Ireland has much to offer in terms of jobs and placements to the local as well as the international students. Career growth can be easily achieved for the students coming from various parts of the globe, owing to the skill shortage observed in the nation especially in the areas of Information Technology.

Studying in Ireland – Shaping up a great future

Studying in Ireland

Being known as a country that provides high quality education, there is a wide range of courses available in the eminent universities and colleges that enlists undergraduate and postgraduate courses of one’s choice. Be it the field of Engineering, Science, Sports, Medical or IT, Ireland has it all for the aspirants who are willing to mold their future in an ideal shape. Being a nation that never compromises on quality, Ireland has set its peculiar and distinctive standards for its educational facilities. Students who have been the achievers in their academics since the beginning can find themselves eligible to pursue their goals in their respective choice of course.

The educational system in Ireland can be categorized in three brackets

  • Universities –

    There are 7 high ranked universities in Ireland that provide several of the courses including Bachelors, Masters and research degree programmes.

  • Institute of Technologies –

    A country which itself is technologically oriented consists of the 14 government funded institutes of technology. All of them offer a wide variety of programmes which can be both academically and vocationally focused.

  • Colleges –

    Being mostly private in nature, the colleges offer the programmes that includes professional certificates, diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a diverse range of subjects.

The eligibility criteria that has been set for the international students for undergraduate and post graduate courses can be seen as under –

For Bachelors courses a student must have a score of at least 70-80% in their intermediate/class 12th when applying for Universities. 60% is the requirement if the student wants to apply for the Institutes of Technology and 50% if the student is willing to pursue his/her bachelors from private colleges in Ireland. For Masters courses the student needs to have an academic score of 60-70% in Bachelors with no gaps acceptable for both UG and PG courses; justifying the quality that Ireland provides for studies.

Meeting up the criterion list for studying in Ireland, the international students must also fulfill the English Language requirements. IELTS (International English Language Testing System), PTE (Pearson Test of English) and TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) are some of the examinations that a student must undergo prior to the admission for studying in Ireland. Most widely accepted and known eligibility examination in Ireland is IELTS where the permissible score that one must achieve is 6.0 with no band less than 5.5 Bands for Bachelors and 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 for Masters wherein the bands are divided into 4 categories viz Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, combining altogether for an overall score.

Post Study benefits – Living up to the dreams in Ireland

With the affordable education system in the country, one can also experience the benefits of post study work being into Ireland. Living up to the dreams of grabbing a good job opportunity, one can progress in the search of it with 2 years of post-study work visa in hand after completion of masters whereas 6 months to 1 year of post-study work visa for bachelors (Ordinary) and bachelor (Hons) respectively. Working in Ireland full time for a duration of 5 years makes the way of becoming the permanent resident of the country and thereby exploring it even more from the viewpoint of several aspects.

A country with a pleasant atmosphere, beauty worth seeing and an education system unmatched to that of other competing countries across the globe, Ireland continues to deliver high quality pacing up equally to that of the modern time advanced nations throughout the globe.

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