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Benefits of Studying in New Zealand

v     One year Job Search Visa after completion of one year course (Level 7 & above).        v     PR Opportunity. v     Affordable tuition fees. v     Tuition fees can be paid after Visa Approval in Principle (AIP). v     Recent funds accepted under FTS (Fund Transfer Scheme). v     Faster Visa process (Positive profile 7-10 working days). v    (…)

TOP Success Stories for USA for Fall 2012

Krishna Consultants has done it again!! 4 TOP Success Stories for USA for Fall 2012 1) Acceptance into PhD – Biology with full Tuition waiver, Assistantship & Yearly stipend Name of the student: S Iyer Done B.Sc. in Bio Technology & M.Sc. Biotechnology 2) Acceptance into PhD in Microbiology with full Tuition waiver, Assistantship &Monthly(…)

University of Lincoln’s Holbeach Campus

DID YOU KNOW THAT……… Approximately 95% of jobs advertised in the food industry are in food manufacturing?(Technical and Quality Management).   Our MSc in Food Manufacturing and Technical Management program is distinctive and unique in that it provides strong theoretical concepts and methodological grounding in a state-of-the art facility, located in a region that is(…)


JAMES COOK UNIVERSITYHIGHLIGHTS (JCU) : WHY CHOOSE JCU ?? ü      James Cook University (JCU) is a public university based in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. ü      JCU is Australia’s leading tropical research university and Queensland’s second oldest university. ü      The university has three Australian campuses, located in Townsville, Brisbane and Cairns respectively, and an international campus in(…)

Summer Camp 2012

With the concept of Indian students going for summer camp abroad popularizing, Krishna Consultants have tied up with McDonough School in Maryland, USA. McDonough is a prestigious private school in Baltimore, MD, USA. It is 3 hrs. away from New York City and 30 min. ways from Washington, DC. In this camp, students will interact(…)

Feedback from student :-University of New Haven

I am doing very good, thank you. University of New Haven(UNH) is pretty good university. I would definitely recommend this university for Engineering students. The faculty is very good and helpful. Scholarships and financial aid is not as good as one would expect. If some is trying to come to USA and is not sure(…)

Feedback from student :- Florida State University

Greetings Krishna Consultants,        I am good and hope that everything is well at krishna too. Sorry for not sending any feedback mail earlier, just got busy with student life. Mam FSU is a very good university with a very pleasant surrounding to study, and very good & helping faculty and people. It(…)

Feedback from student : Portland State University

I’m fine. Doing good. 1. Portland State University is really good. VLSI field is very nice here. 2. The faculty members are helpful and very experienced. They do have real time industry projects to work on, which is very good platform to build our career. 3. Scholarships and financial aid are limited and you need to(…)

Changes in Australian Student Visa

As we all know that DIAC, Australia in principle to the Knight Review has announced that applicants who lodge their applications on or after 24 March 2012, with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from a participating university in Australia at Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree level will be assessed as though they are at a(…)

Are you confused with your career?

Are you confused with your career? Want to know your top 3 Career Options? Take a career assessment test today from expert Psychologist. Career Direction for:- ü  School Going Students. ü  College Students. ü  Recent Graduates. ü  Early Careerist. Our Comprehensive Career Planning Programme (CCPP) offers :- ü  Career Advise by expert Psychologist. ü  Child(…)