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SAT redesign

SAT redesign With the backdrop of these sharp indicators of demand for the SAT exams overseas, the College Board, the US-based non-profit that owns and develops the exam, recently announced its intention to redesign the test to, “develop an assessment that mirrors the work that students will do in college so that they will practice(…)

Summer 2013 F1 Visa Interview Experience

F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – Masters in Business Administration – Mumbai By Sonia Arora – Yah..I Got Visa to USA! Location: Mumbai Attempt: 1st Status: Approved Course: – Masters in Business Administration Visa Officer: What is your purpose of visit? Me: For higher education that is for Masters in Business Administration from Concordia University(…)

What about my accommodation there?

Your accommodation ranges from apartments (rooms), to residential halls, staying with families. Accommodation also depends on the program that you choose.

How to finalize a university?

Finalizing a university is easy. First of all you need to finalize the course. Then you will have to find out universities of which country is popular for the course. Once you have finalized the country, half of your decision is taken. After this, search through the internet the universities of the country which has(…)

What are the documents that I have to be ready with?

The main three documents that take time are a Passport & two Letters of Recommendation & IELTS marksheet. If you do not have a passport, do it now as without it you will not be able to travel anywhere in the world. The two Letters of Recommendation will have to be acquired from your college(…)

How long does it take to process the application?

Normally processing of an application should not take more than 3 weeks. It depends on you how fast you can provide the documents required. For eg. You would require preparing for GRE & IELTS depending on the country, a passport, two letters of recommendations & a statement of purpose which takes a little time &(…)

Do I need to give both TOEFL & IELTS?

TOEFL & IELTS are the same. So, you need to appear for either of the two. TOEFL is Test of English as a Foreign Language whereas IELTS is International English Language Testing System. Both the exams focus on Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. For TOEFL you need to score out of 120 whereas you need(…)

Do the universities offer any scholarships?

Scholarships are awarded mainly to the most deserving students. Such awards are very competitive. Universities abroad consider various factors such as previous academics, entrance test scores, work experience, application documents and so on while assessing an application for admission and scholarships. Hence, it is suggestive to have a good academic record as well as an(…)

What is GRE & how to prepare for it?

GRE mainly includes verbal skill which focuses on reading comprehensions & quantitative reasoning which focuses on data interpretation and real life scenarios. It is suggestive to give yourself atleast 3 months to prepare. You can refer to books such as ‘The Official Guide to GRE’ as well as ‘Barons Guide to the new GRE’.