Best Summer Internship programs Abroad for College Students

Looking for a summer internship abroad? Figure out which summer internship is best for you. If you want to work abroad and do internship then there are several choices that are available. You can have fun while traveling and staying abroad.

If you are looking for some technical internships abroad then following are the options:-

Summer Analyst

Summer Analyst

You can intern abroad almost anywhere as a summer analyst. The locations are Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East and India. Academic excellence counts as a requirement for this position. After spending a couple of months abroad you can also secure a full-time work opportunity with your recruiter.

Internship in Business and Engineering  


Students majoring in engineering or business with a passion for fashion then this internship in ideal for you. Getting into the fashion industry is tough. It is competitive but you will get to learn about one of the most famous fashion brands. If you do well you can even get a full-time employment.

Finance Internship


Famous companies have a global network of firms providing advisory, tax services, and audit. You do not need any degree in finance but you should be interested in it. They cover the visas, health, flights, insurance, local transport and centrally-located accommodation. They also provide driving lessons, orientation and will connect you with another employee in your host location.

International Business Internship

Internation Business

With the business internship you can find yourself networking and gaining skills in Brazil, Italy, China, Spain, Sweden and South Africa. To top it all it will look amazing on your resume. You get to spend few weeks of training in your home country and the rest of your preferred country.

If you want to intern abroad in a non-technical and fun internship then following are options:-

Summer Camp Jobs

summer camp jobs

If you love adventures and are fond of working with kids then camp jobs are for you. There is a lot of time and energy involved but it is going to be worth it. Being a leader in your camp will make you feel empowered and it will boost your confidence. Working as a camp counselor will be challenging but it will provide you with immense personal growth. There are tons of opportunities available as a summer intern in camping. You can choose from the mountains or beaches. The camping jobs abroad offer a great combination of work, education, and travel.

Hospitality Jobs

The hospitality industry has endless job opportunities abroad. From local pubs, bars, and vineyards. You will get the unique experience of working and living in a deluxe resort. You might also get housing along with the job. You can also work in a spa and resort that includes meals and accommodation. Your summer work might include kitchen work, housekeeping, waitressing or bar tending.

Agricultural Jobs Abroad

Ever want to live in rural parts of the country? Like to get down on a ranch? If this sounds like your thing then summer work abroad programs in ranch work and agriculture are for you. This type of summer jobs abroad isn’t for the faint-hearted. It involves long working hours and a lot of physical labor. You will learn a lot of skills abroad. You will get to ride horses and motorbikes, learn fence building techniques and practice operating tractors and chainsaw. This kind of jobs is usually found in Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. You can totally rack up money and then explore what your host country has to offer.

Language Teaching Jobs

Do you love teaching language and engaging a room? Opportunity to teach in between semesters of the school can offer perfect summer abroad program. This job offers fulfillment. There are various language camps that hire language teachers and camp managers. Italy or Germany are some of the locations where you can study. Teaching a language abroad offers cross-cultural challenges which can contribute to personal growth.

Au Pair Jobs

Enjoy working with the children? Does living with a family and experiencing the in and out of a place entice you? Becoming an au pair will help you develop a relationship with your host family and they can become your resource for discovering wherever it is that you end up. You can find these jobs almost everywhere including France, Spain, New Zealand and Australia.

Take Away

Interning abroad is a rewarding experience and helps you develop both technical and life skills. You can choose to do the internships that are relevant to your work profile. You can also choose an internship which is not technical but is along the lines of your interest. Whatever your choice may be your experience will be extremely fulfilling. So take the plunge and chase your dream internship abroad. All the Best!

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