Boost your GRE Test Score – Expert Tips

Want to know how to boost your GRE Test score? Then you’ve landed on the right web page. In this blog we’ll chalk out the essentials to improve your GRE score and ascertain the numbers you need for grad school.

Just follow the guidelines consistently and you’ll no wonder come out in flying colors.

GRE Goal Score

The first and the foremost step is to set a goal and aim for the highest score you want to achieve. Your goal will keep you inspired to put in long hours of studying. A goal score will also help you analyse whether your efforts were worth it by checking the difference in the previous and the achieved score.

The GRE Format

Knowing the format of the exam beforehand will make you familiar with the test and scoring pattern. It will also help you figure out how much you’ve already prepared and how much effort is required further.

Taking Guidelines

Check out for the best GRE prep books or material online for high-quality, realistic practice options. You can also check for renowned coaching centers as experienced faculty can give you the best guidelines and

A Study Schedule

Once you figure out the amount of study you need to do for the GRE, you should plan a study schedule so that you study regularly and keep track of what you’ve studied.
Setting aside a regular time to study each day and at the weekends, gives you a clear picture of the study time and the time to relax or do other chores. Regular study will help you gain confidence and you don’t have to worry a lot at the last moment.


The more GRE practice tests you take, the more familiar you’ll be with actual GRE pattern. Practice helps you keep track of time, analyse your mistakes and prepare effectively.
You will be able to gauge the part you find to be tough or difficult to understand and you can seek help accordingly.
Practice the difficult aspects more frequently to become adept.

Personalized Study Program

Once you are aware of the aspects you are proficient with and those you need to give more time and attention to, you can chalk out a Personalized Study Program to fit your requirements. You are the best judge to understand what you know and where you have to put in more efforts.

Set the Time Target

Even if you can answer every question it would be of no use if you can’t target the time limit. Thus, it’s essential to take the practice sections and tests with the set time limit and try to improve upon your target for every test. Keep in mind the number of questions to be answered

The Verbal and Quant GRE sections have 20 questions each. The Verbal section has a 30-minute time limit, so your target should be about 1:30 min per question. The GRE Quants section has a 35-minute limit, so you take about 1:45 min per question. Though every question may not take the same amount of time, keeping this set time limit will help you finish within the overall time limit.

Briefly speaking, setting the goal score, knowing the format, taking the right guidelines, making a study schedule, regular practice sessions and tests with the set time limits will surely help you boost your GRE scores.