Can I get admission into Masters with low GRE scores?

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Options for Masters in US with low GRE/ low TOEFL.
Get admission into ranked US Universities still/even with low GRE scores via Pathways.

Pathways are for students who want to study Masters in the US but have low academics, LOW GRE like 280, TOEFL 71 to 79. Pathways are 1 -2 additional semesters with or without additional cost. The credite covered in pathways are transferred to the main program thus there is hardly any additional duration for the student. However students will be admitted CONDITIONALLY and will have to fulfill the entry requirements before getting admission into the master’s program.

Low GRE score is not an end to your MS in US Dream

Almost 80% of the USA universities require high GRE for entry into Master’s program.
20% USA universities accept students with low GRE scores in Master’s program.
Krishna Consultants – Central India’s Authorized Representative of accredited 70 US Universities helps students in getting admission into ranked US Universities with low GRE scores via Pathways.
Universities offering admission into Masters via Pathways with low GRE are:

1. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
2. Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
3. Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
4. University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
5. University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Massachusetts.
6. University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
7. Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky.

GRE – 280
B.E. (Electrical Engg) – 60%
Admitted by University of Massachusetts, Lowell Pre- Masters Program leading to M.S. in Electrical Engg with no additional duration and no additional cost.