Expert Tips to Score 160+ in GRE Verbal

GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a graduate level examination taken by most of the students applying to study in the USA. It is an admission requirement for the students who want to study the graduate programs abroad. There are two types of GRE tests one is GRE Subject Test and the other is GRE General Test. The GRE verbal and quantitative scores are considered to be the most important. The various nuances of the exam are covered in this article that can help the students in preparing effectively for the test.

GRE Verbal Preparation:

While preparing for GRE you need to be prepared to answer the following type of questions.

  • Text Completion:

    You need to find the correct word to complete a sentence. You will be asked to fill multiple blanks in a paragraph. The text completion of the verbal preparation section tests your ability to re-evaluate passages. You get a passage having 1-5 sentences with 1-3 blanks. You have to choose the right answer from the three answer choices that are given. You can do well in this section if you have good knowledge of grammar and exceptional vocabulary. You also need to keep in mind that the answer choices you select make the passage coherent.

  • Reading Comprehension:

    This section tests your ability to read various passages of varying length. You need to respond to certain questions based on your reading skills and critical reasoning skills. There are about 10 short passages in the GRE reading comprehension and they are from different sources such as biological sciences, physical sciences, business, humanities, and arts etc. Instead of passively reading the passage you should engage more with the content. While reading, you can ask questions, understand the relationship between two passages and try to create a hypothesis about the passage. All the questions in the passage are multiple choice questions and you will be asked to select multiple correct answers also if required.

  • Sentence Equivalence:

    GRE tests your ability to select the two sentences that are most closely related. This is where vocabulary comes into the picture. This section has a single sentence with a blank and six options to choose from. You have to select the two choices that will complete the sentence coherently. The two right answers might not mean the same thing and that is what makes this section more like a puzzle. With practice, you can master the technique of getting the right answer.

While preparing for the verbal section you need not mug up all the words straight from the dictionary. The GRE verbal word list is a good resource for you that can help you focus on certain words that actually help you prepare for the verbal exam. Make your flash cards personal. You can form sentences by using new words and writing about certain memories and events that are close to you. This way you will memorize them quickly. Another effective way of preparing for the verbal section is to read every day. Developing a habit of reading daily will help you with the long passages that you might have to read in your final exam. This is a very popular way of improving your vocabulary.

GRE Verbal Reasoning Tips:

Below are some tips for the verbal reasoning section:-

  1. Building Your Vocabulary: –

    There are many word lists that can help you get started with working on your vocabulary. Not only do you have to learn and build your vocabulary but you have to have a correct vocabulary building strategy that will lead to effective results.

  1. Work on Your Speed: –

    Maintaining a good pace is as important as working on your accuracy. You need to know how much time you should be spending on each question. With practice, you can develop a good pace that can ultimately result in good scores.

  1. Hunt New Words: –

    Whenever you come across any new word you should immediately look it up. Whether it is in any conversation or you read it anywhere etc. You should keep on hunting new words. You can also take GRE verbal practice test which may help you in expanding your vocabulary.

Analytical Writing

The analytical writing is a section of GRE that tests your analytical writing and critical thinking abilities. If you like to type your thoughts rather than answering multiple choice questions then this section is for you.  The 30-minute writing tasks have two parts.

  1. Analyze an Issue: –

    In this task, you will be presented with an opinion on a given issue and are also given specific instructions about how you have to respond to the question. You are required to evaluate the given issue and have to develop a complex argument with examples supporting your views.

  1. Analyze an Argument: –

    In this task, you have to evaluate an argument according to a specific instructions. Without agreeing or disagreeing with the position taken you have to write about the logical soundness of a given argument.

GRE Verbal Practice:

While preparing for the verbal part of GRE you should practice section wise. For the text completion, you should look up as many practice sessions as you can online. While preparing for the reading comprehension you need to develop the habit of reading. You can read the newspapers, magazines and other vocabulary rich resources. There are many Verbal GRE practice questions that will give you real-time idea of the questions you can expect in your actual exam.

GRE Verbal Practice Games:

There are various games available online that are helpful in preparing for a verbal section in GRE. Below are few online verbal practice games that can help the students in preparing for the verbal exam.

  • Tyrannosaurus Prep:

    This game displays a bunch of words along with 5 options out of which you are supposed to choose the right synonym. After selecting an option the result is displayed along with the meaning of all the words listed.

  • Kaplan GRE Vocabulary:

    The player has to click and drag all the terms into the correct definitions as fast they can. This is very useful for learning new words by hit and trial method. After the game is over, one can glance the words with its meaning to learn new words.

  • Quizlet:

    Quizlet has many user-submitted decks to choose from. It helps you develop your vocabulary. You can choose the option of Learn, Spell, Test, Match and Gravity to learn new words. The various sections in this game help you to explore the different ways in which you can learn new words.


In order to reach your ideal score, you first need to know where you stand. Taking practice tests is a good way to go about it. The online resources can help a lot and you should maintain a progress journal to track your success. Practice is the mantra and you are sure to reach your target score if you put in the right effort and smart work. All the Best!

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