F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – By Anurag Shinde

Visa interview is an imperative part of getting your visa approved. Irrespective of whether you have the financial security/ educational background or not, preparation is crucial. Knowing the program and its relevance for you can be a good way of preparing for your answers. You need to prove that you have the required skills, background and ability to advance your studies or work in the US.
For a visa interview to be successful, you need to have personality, confidence, appearance and clear communication. Anurag Shinde shares his visa interview experience and how he got his visa approved successfully.

Visa approved

Date : 26th May

Got in my 8:50 am, waited for 1.5 hours in queue and then was given counter number 24.

Vo: Good morning pass your passport and I20

Me: Passed

Vo: Why are you not taking courses from India?

Me: Told some courses not available in India.

Vo: (back fired) are you saying the courses are not at all present in India?

Me: Told that some courses are offered but not specific to my interest of study.

Vo: (not convinced) so are you saying that courses are not available in IITs also?

Me:(Stayed cool and stayed with my answer) no ma’am, i have done research and they are not available.

Vo: (shaking her head) How do you know which course is better.

Me: I was working as a software engineering at HSBC and hence i know which courses will be in demand in future.

Vo: oh, so how many months did you worked there?

Me: 28 months.

Vo: (Said something in low voice, not audible to me)

Me: can you please repeat?

Vo: (repeated again) who is sponsoring you.

Me: parents

Vo: what do they do?

Me: told.

Vo: what are your plans after visa?

Me: I will come back to India and join HSBC again, may be at a higher position.

Vo: Ok, (kept typing something and said) congrats your Visa is approved.

Me: Thank you (phew)