F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – Bachelors in Computer Software Engineering

By Harshit Agrawal

1. Which university are you going to?


2. Why SJSU?

Ans. SJSU is offering me courses such as assembly languages, data structures , math , etc which are helpful for my interest on specialization of Artificial Intelligence.

3. Which other universities ?

Ans. No other universities.

4. Why only one University?

Ans. I am a transfer student and i was advised by my college to transfer to sjsu for maximum credit transfer to the university.

5. Who’s going to sponsor you?

Ans. My parents are sponsoring me for my education.

6. What does your father do?

Ans. He is a businessman in trading of iron and steel.

7. How many ppl work under him?

Ans. 10 people