F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – Masters in Computer Science

By Tejas Tundulwar

Q1. What is your GRE score

Ans. 311


Q2. When did you graduate?

Ans. I graduated in August 2016


Q3. How many universities did you apply to?

Ans. I had applied to 5 Universities


Q4. From how many universities did you get acceptance?

Ans. I got acceptance from California State University, Long Beach


Q5. What have you been doing after graduation?

Ans. I had been working as Associate Engineer in Development for Vinson Technologies LLP and also I had been doing some cources


Q6. What do your parents do?

Ans. My father works as Deputy Engineer at Public Works Department, he has been working for 30 years now and my mother has been working as an Ayurvedic Practitioner since 25 years.