F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – Masters in Information Systems


Visa Interview Experience

Journey: 5th to 9th in Mumbai

Date: 7th June 2017 OFC (9:30 am )/ 8th June 2017 interview(10:30 am )

Consulate: Mumbai(BKC)

Status: Approved


Reached the US embassy on 8th morning at 10 Am. I had interview appointed at 10:30 am. I was seeing a long line with students. The line was at least 1 km long . I had never seen this big line even while paying electricity bill in India.

I was taken inside the embassy in 5 minutes of my arrival at the location which was opposite of 5-star TRIDENT hotel in BKC complex ( Bandra Kurla Complex ). We were all were allowed to sit on the bench. Suddenly the rush of students came in wearing tie and suit. I was simply wearing a formal shirt maroon colour with blue jeans forgot to shave that day. Before my turn came the visa officer had rejected 5 visa’s before me and I was praying to God please not her counter.

Suddenly the counter assistant called my name and asked me to stand in front of her counter. I considered that my VISA to will be rejected but a miracle happened.


VO: Please Pass me your Passport /i20/ SEVIS fees payment, sir.

Me: Passed the Passport and other documents asked.

VO: How many admit did you get?

Me: 6

VO: Please name the admits?

Me: sorry ma’am I have applied to 6 universities and got 3 Admits.

VO: (seeing towards me angrily she looked agitated because of her previous interviews) Name them?

ME: UTA / NJIT /IIT CHICAGO(gave full names)

VO: What are the rejects?

ME: USF/IUPUI /UC(gave full names)

VO: (Looked at I20 ) So tell me how you are going to pay 34000$

ME: Maam I have savings of 70 Lakhs in the form of liquid assets.

VO: How do you have so much liquid asset?

ME: Savings and Salary

VO: So you used to work?

ME: yes ma’am!

VO: When did you complete your degree?

ME: June 2011

VO: From where?

ME: Kavikulguru Institute of Technology and Science

VO: What you did after undergrad?

ME: I worked at HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation since 4 July 2011 ( she suddenly stopped me here )

VO: Who is the CEO of HSBC GLT?

ME: Richard Farrand ( Thank God I was aware of him because I personally met him he has awarded me once )

VO: Typed something in the computer may be she was entering details and verifying something.

VO: what is your monthly salary?

ME: 80k in hand

VO: So you earned 80k since June 2011?

ME: No ma’am I started earning 22k then gradually it increased to 80k in hand.

VO: That’s Great !! It’s a good Growth.

ME: silent

VO: So you are spending all your money for education?

ME: Yes ma’am

VO: So all your savings sufficient for your education?

ME: Nope

VO: Then have you taken any Loan?

ME: No ma’am My parents will support me for my education.

VO: What does your father do?

ME: He is a Senior Lecturer at Sindhi Hindi Jr College since last 30 years.

VO: Is his institution Government Institution?

ME: Yes

VO: How will he be helping you?

ME: My father will give me his PF money for education.

VO: Why is he willing to give all his life saving for your education? ( TRAP FOR ME )

ME: Maam my father is govt employee. He earns 10 lakh rupees per year with approx 10% increment every year. He will earn for 5 more years. So it comes around 50 to 60 lakhs approximately. Also after retirement, he will get 60 lakhs as the gratuity fund. Also as he is government employee he will get pension money of 60000rs per month.

VO: Good! Smiley face 🙂

VO: So what your mother do?

ME: She has small business of Homemade spices

VO: Do you have any siblings?

ME: Yes I have a younger sister

VO: What is she doing? Is she in the US?

ME: Nope She is Cheif Medical Officer in Yavatmal district

VO: Where is this Yavatmal?

ME: It is a district 250 Km away from my Hometown Nagpur city.

VO: GREAT !! So all your family members are earning?

ME: Yes ma’am.

VO: So you are serving your notice period?

ME: No ma’am I have completed my notice period on 31 st December 2016

VO: What? So what are you doing since then?

ME: Maam I am making projects on freelance basis

VO: What project you are making right now?

ME: Maam I am making a web portal and Mobile application for an NGO called Leads outreach.

VO: Please elaborate something about NGO

ME: Leeds outreach is an NGO. Who will find poor kids in Nagpur city who cannot afford food/education/computer/living in the house? And they will teach them for free. Arrange trips and parties for them.

VO: Great! So you do social work too?

ME: Nope ma’am but I never miss a chance to contribute to society because it gives me happiness.

VO: Did you do anything apart from work in HSBC?

ME: Yes ma’am. I was awarded first prize at a fundraising charity event for an NGO called Akshay Akruti

VO: Please give details about NGO

ME:  Akshay Akruti is an NGO in Hyderabad which will find out kids who are visually impaired or physically disabled or who cannot here properly and who belong to a poor background and teach them how to make handmade items like handicraft. Candles toys etc.

VO: What prize did you get?

ME: I got a certificate of appreciation from NGO a hand made wooden boat and a Gift card of AXIS bank and 5000rs were loaded in it

VO: What you did with that prize money?

ME: Donated that to poor kids of Akshay Akruti ( BIG LIE 😛 )


VO: Ok Mr Sandeep. I liked talking to you. I am keeping your Passport and approving your visa. Study hard in UTA. And keep doing good work.

ME: Thanks, Maam you made my day have a good day ahead!

VO: Thank you same to you, dear!

Suddenly Sound of a girl crying came to my ears she had her visa rejected from counter to my left. I was thankful to God for being kind to me.


After Visa was done it was party time! We had visa day celebration !!! I did a party with friends I made my hotel, fortunately, they too were Americans.