Fall 2013 F1 Student Visa Interview Experience

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Fall 2013  F1 Visa
F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – B.S. in Mechanical Engg (Robotics)
By Amishi Vairagade
amishi patel
Photo Credit – Yah..I Got Visa to USA!

  • Location: Delhi
  • Attempt: 1st
  • Status: Approved

Course: – B.S. in Mechanical Engg (Robotics)
Visa Officer: What is your name?
Me: My name is Amishi Vairagade.
VO: What is your address.
Me: My address is —–
VO: What is your age?
Me: My age is ____
VO: To which university you are going?
Me: I am going for Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester Massachusetts.
VO: What is your major?
Me: My major is Robotics Engineering.
VO: Congratulations! your visa has been approved.
Me: Thank You.