Feedback of USA Students

Please let us know what kind of part time jobs you were doing during your study period i.e. while perusing Masters? Also let us know the wage rate per hour drawn by you?  Share you experience too?

I was working in a college cafeteria, as a temporary casual.  My job was to serve Salad of most of the American styles, to look after the inventory, to train new employees.  I was paid $8 per hour; this is a minimum wage in the California State.  Some of the supervisors were paid $12 per hour.  One can work 20 hours per week in summer & 40 hours per week in Fall, Spring & Winter.

My experiences :

  • First & foremost, Please do not go to a college where there are a lot of Indians, however, in the US you will want to have Indian Friends.  I am saying this because all of or most of the Indians would look after a part time job and there would be a limited number of part time jobs in the University, if there are many Indians, you will have a hard time.
  • Try to build a network through some networking websites; I am not talking about face book, orkut etc., look for Linked in, jigsaw etc.  It will help you to find an internship as well as a full time job.
  • Try to maintain integrity, be on what you have said.  Integrity particular is important to Americans.
  • Don’t be with your regional group; I believe we Indians feel comfortable with our region people.  Try to make American or some non Indian friends.  Please don’t take it in a wrong way.  I am suggesting this so that we will get to know how other people work, behave etc.
  • Always keep a cash of $5 – $10 with you; you might need it any time.  Please usually keep credit & debit cards and roam around for cash when required.
  • Don’t sneak on other’s confidential papers for instance SSN, income tax documents, this is considered as crime.
  • Don’t steal anything; if you are caught you will be handed over to the police, no body will listen to you.

Ankush Kanungo.