Old GRE to New GRE Score Converter

old gre to new gre score conversion chart for students

New GRE Score report will include both New GRE Scores and Old GRE Scores. Following new fields will be present to New Revised GRE Score report

  • NEstimated Score Scale  (ew GRE Score)
  • Scaled Score  (Old GRE Score)


ETS is yet to release Old GRE to New GRE score converter.

But, why do we need an New GRE Score converter, when we can do the math (atleast simple ones) to convert Old to New GRE Scores.

Old to New GRE Scores Converter

Here is simple old to new GRE Score converter.

Old GRE Scores

New GRE Scores

1160 312
1000 300
800 170
650 160
500 150
350 140
200 130
  • New GRE Scores spread  = 41 (170 – 130)
  • Old GRE spread = 61 (200 to 800)
 GRE score converter
As you can see 71 points Old GRE Score spread must correspond to 41 New GRE Score spread points.

  • 71 score points in Old GRE Scores should correspond to (and within) 41 New GRE Score points.

I believe, there will be 2 to 5 old GRE Score points correspond to New GRE Scores.

Example Old to New GRE Score Converter

  • New GRE 130 = Old GRE 210, 220, 230 and 240
  • New GRE 150 = Old GRE 510, 520 and 530