A month to go to GRE- What to do?

You have registered for GRE but did not prepare for it and now it is only a month away, what to do? Well, this might not be the ideal span of the duration required for adequate preparation, but it can still be worked out with proper planning and prioritizing the topics based on your strengths and weakness. You need to break down your topics and reach weekly targets. In order to do this, you can either get some professional help to get the results or plan it out on your own.

Week 1:

BASICS: The very first step to take even before starting the preparation is to double check whether or not you have actually registered for GRE. Seldom people think that they have registered successfully and find out that it is otherwise only on the day of the exam. The next step will be to buy a GRE prep book which has good reviews.

MOCK TESTS & OUTLINING: The best way to know where you stand is by taking mock tests. This helps you in identifying your weak areas so that you can start working on them. After testing it you need to determine which of the three (Verbal, Quantitative or Analytical) is the weakest, middle and strongest. You need to chalk out a plan which involves you studying for at least two hours a day in order to reach your targets. You can look for GRE classes in Nagpur which has crash courses specially designed to cover the syllabus in a month.

Week 2:

FOCUSING ON WEAK AREAS: As you identify your weak section start working on it right from the basics. By doing this you can be sure not to repeat the mistakes that were identified in the mock test. You can use the available time to turn things around and help you get a good score.

TESTING YOURSELF: After sufficient practice, you need to test yourself specifically on the weak areas to make sure that you rule out the possibility of scoring less in that particular section.

Week 3:

MIDDLE GROUND: After having had worked on your weak area, you can now shift your focus to the section which you have middle ranked. This bottom to top approach will help you in turning your weaknesses into your strengths, which in turn will make you confident. You need to recognize the type of questions, the skills required and knowledge that is tested upon and work accordingly.

GETTING HOLD OF THE SUBJECT: You need to practice a lot on this area and give multiple tests pertaining to this particular section in order to master it. You can refer to previous year tests targeting the specific section. This will help you in getting an idea of the type of questions which are frequently asked and the content from which they are usually asked.

Week 4:

PRACTICE: Having covered the syllabus by the third week you are now in a position to hone your skills even more. The best way to go about this is by practicing mock tests rigorously. It is important to know that having knowledge is not the only thing which will get you through. You also need to know how to manage your time while giving the test and working on your speed will give you added advantage.

SIMULATING GRE: You need to get used to the type of environment, breaks and time duration of the exam. It is one thing to be practicing in the comfort of your home and an entirely different thing to appear for GRE with the exact vicinity as that of the exam hall and so it is important for you to get used to that.

REVIEWING AND ANALYZING: Once you are done giving a handful of tests you need to see and observe the parts where you are scoring less and figure out the reason behind that. This gives you an idea about the areas which still need your attention so you can work accordingly.

Thus it is important to plan your schedule considering the fact that the time left is really less and one needs to make the most of it. There are several GRE Coaching in Nagpur which provide courses to help you get a good score in GRE within a month. Institutes like Krishna Consultants have specially designed GRE Fastrack Course which help the students to prepare within a month and get the desired score. So buckle up! And get started before it is too late.