Mississippi College, USA

MC is the oldest institution of higher learning in Mississippi, established in 1826. It is oldest, Largest Private College in Mississippi.
Mississippi College, originally known as Hampstead Academy, received its first charter, signed by Governor David Holmes, on January 24, 1826. The name was changed to Mississippi Academy in 1827 at the request of the board of trustees.
Three years later, on December 18, 1830, having become an institution of collegiate rank, the name was changed to Mississippi College.
It was the third such institution in Mississippi, but as the other two institutions no longer exist, Mississippi College today has the distinction of being the oldest institution of higher learning in the state.

Courses offered:-
Master’s Degrees

Art                                                           History

Biology                                                  JD/MBAS

Business Administration                       Liberal Studies

Business Administration, Accounting  Marriage and Family Counseling

Chemistry                                              Mathematics

Computer Science                                 Mental Health Counseling

Communication                                     Music

English                                                  Music Education

Educational Leadership                        Music Performance

Elementary Education                           Political Science

Fine Arts – Visual Arts                          Public Relations and Corporate Communication

Health Services Administration            Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Higher Education Administration

160 Indian students, lot of doctors form Gujarat and South.

Living and accommodation is very cheap as compared to other universities in bigger places. Off campus accommodation available. & free shuttle service.

Students easily gets OPT (Optional Practical Training).

Master Tuition Fees $ 8, 668 p.a. and for Bachelors $ 12200 per year.

Avg TOEFL 80 / GRE 850 Either of the section 450 + and A.W. 2.5 master’s.

 Note: – All students have to come and compulsorily give an English test irrespective of their TOEFL or IELTS score. If they pass then ok but if not they have to take an Intensive English Program. Compulsory for a semester irrespective of whatever TOEFL they might have.

GRE and GMAT are recommended but will take with LOW SCORES only if academics are ok. GRE can only be waived if academics are good