Feedback from student :- Florida State University

feedback from canada studentsGreetings Krishna Consultants,

       I am good and hope that everything is well at krishna too. Sorry for not sending any feedback mail earlier, just got busy with student life. Mam FSU is a very good university with a very pleasant surrounding to study, and very good & helping faculty and people. It has good  funding for Mechanical and Electrical students. Computer Science department also have good funding but courses offered here are not that good. I got in-state tution waiver in 2nd sem. Part time can be found only in the beginning or in the end of a semester at different departments. I have a part time job which i got in Jan 2012 only. For Phd student, CS and other departments offers many TA and RA positions. Graduated student form FSU do get job after graduating but i dont know many seniors so cant tell in detail. But companies like microsoft, ACS and many other visit campus for internship and full time job. Only bad thing is Tallahassee is a town so will not get city facilities and places to check out. But i like Tallahassee!.

       Please let me know if you want any other specific information. I Will definitely visit Krishna  when i will come back home. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Agrawal mam, Sharmila mam, and all other for helping me and my dad during that tough time.