New GMAT Exam Pattern

GMATPlease be advise, that The Graduate Management Admission Council had announced its plans to change GMAT.

From June 2012, the GMAT exam will gain a new section designed to measure your ability to evaluate information from multiple sources.  Beginning June 5, 2012, the GMAT exam will include a 12 – question section called Integrated Reasoning.  Incorporating advances in technology and measurement, the next generation GMAT will include a new 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section that will ask you to interpret data presented graphically, analyze different types of information, and evaluate outcomes.  There will also be an additional score for the Integrated Reasoning Section.

The new section will be added & one essay from the Analytical Writing Section will be dropped. The end result is, the length of GMAT will not change (it will still be at 3.5 hours).  So, while the Integrated Reasoning section is being introduced, the Analysis of an issue essay question is being dropped.

These skills—according to a survey of 740 business school faculty members worldwide—are necessary to respond to the complex challenges presented in business school programs and in today’s information-rich business environment.

The GMAT – Verbal & Quantitative sections will stay & Total Scores will not change.  Test takers will receive a separate score for the essay, as they do now, and for the new Integrated Reasoning section.

Exam Section

Current GMAT Exam

Next Generation GMAT Exam

Analytical Writing Assessment

60 minutes

Two AWA Prompts

30 minutes

One AWA Prompts


75 minutes

75 minutes


75 minutes

75 minutes

Integrated Reasoning

30 minutes

Total Exam Time

3 hours, 30 minutes

3 hours, 30 minutes

The Integrated Reasoning Section gives students another opportunity to demonstrate their skills and shine a spotlight on their ability to deal with different forms & sources of data in answering test questions.  The section provides additional intelligence for admissions staff to evaluate candidates and for candidates to differentiate themselves.  In toady’s information & data – rich world integrated reasoning skills are used every day. GMAT is testing the set of Skills, which are applied in work places.