Old SAT vs. New SAT

SAT is the standardized test used for college admissions in the United States. It is owned as well as published by College Board, which is a nonprofit corporation in the US. It is developed and administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service). However, there are some new changes which have been introduced in its design.

The new SAT has seen drastic changes which have been implemented from March of 2016. The change is mostly seen in the content to be tested upon. Those who know the structure of previous SAT and are aspiring to give the examination in recent future must acquaint themselves with the changes that have been made. This will also help the students to make the necessary changes in their study plan in order to score well in SAT examination. The differences have been mentioned in terms of parameters listed below for a quick comparison:


When can it be taken?

Old SAT: The old SAT was usually taken on or before January month.

New SAT: The new SAT can be taken in the month of March or after that.

Which classes can use it for college?

Old SAT: The old SAT could be used by the high school class of 2016 as well as by the class of 2017.

New SAT: The new SAT can be used by the class of 2017, 2018 and beyond.

Score range:

Old SAT: According to the old SAT lowest score possible was 600 and the highest score could go up to 2400. The median score could be around 1500.

New SAT: The new SAT accepts scores as low as 400 and the maximum score goes up to 1600. The median score could be around 1000.

Time Duration:

Old SAT: The time duration for old SAT was 3 hours and 45 minutes.

New SAT: The time duration for new SAT is 3 hours and 50 minutes. Of which 50 minutes are kept aside for essay writing which is optional.

SAT Sections:

Old SAT: There are three sections in the old SAT namely reading, writing and math, with a mandatory essay included.

New SAT: The new SAT has both reading & writing in one section, a separate section for math and an optional essay.

Guessing penalty:

Old SAT: In the old SAT 1/4th marks were to be deducted for every wrong answer.

New SAT: In the new SAT there is no penalty for wrong answers. So guesses can be made.

Changes in math section:

Old SAT: The old SAT had Geometry and shapes as the main content which was to be tested upon.

New SAT: The new SAT has the content of old SAT and along with that Data Interpretation and graphs have been added.

Changes in Reading Section:

Old SAT: The old SAT had Memorizing Vocabulary and Sentence Completion which was the main content tested during the exam.

New SAT: The new SAT tests the candidate on Evidence Support and Data Reasoning. Thus the content on which the students are tested is basically been changed.

Changes in Writing Section:

Old SAT: The old SAT tested students on individual sentences and grammatical rules.

New SAT: The writing section in new SAT basically focuses more on passage-based questions.

Changes in Essay:        

Old SAT: The old SAT had 25 minutes allotted for the essay section which was compulsory and was included in the writing section itself.

New SAT: The new SAT has 50 minutes time allotted for the essay section and the essay is optional.

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