When can I study abroad?

When can I study abroad? It is said that as soon as we have decided to do something that is always the right time. Therefore, if you are deciding to study abroad now, then let us consider that this is the right time to move & study abroad. But yes, of course there is a right time for everything. Moreover, you have eligibility criteria as well. Just after your class twelve exams you can decide to study abroad. The eligibility is 16 years at least. You can apply for an undergraduate or a post graduate course in any university anywhere in the world as per your choice. Not only for undergraduate & graduate course, you can also apply for a doctorate or a post doctorate degree. There are several universities with end number of courses & you are fortunate enough to have end number of choices to select from. There is actually no limitation as far as age is concerned. Any time you are open to visit abroad to study.

Countries like USA, UK, Ireland, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Singapore, China, Japan, Russia has a number of standardized universities who provide end number of courses. They have degree & diploma courses as well. They have courses of one year to two years duration. Some of the universities are traditional & few are modern. You have a choice of selecting any university among these.

When the question arises when can you study abroad. Here we need to work on few aspects as well. When can you consider that yes you are eligible to study abroad? Well! If you have planned to undergo an undergraduate course in a fairly good university you need to score well in your class X & XII with good percentage in English. Similarly, if you are deciding to undergo a post graduate degree/diploma then you will need to score well in your class X, XII & graduation with good percentage in English.

You will have to qualify few tests before you can study abroad. Tests like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE will have to be qualified. GRE is the Graduate Record Examination which is specifically required =for study in USA & Germany. Rest for all the other countries you would require to qualify IELTS or TOEFL exams, both of which are English Language Tests. But, on the other hand, if you have a very good score in English in your class X & XII exams then you do not require appearing for the English language tests. Many training institutes in India provide IELTS & TEOFL training. They also give complete guidance of tests, the date & the exam center where the exam will be conducted.

Before you finally decide, better speak with your study abroad advisor/counselor who would be able to guide you in a proper way. Your parents should have complete cooperation & full support in your decision to go abroad. If you are in the process of finalizing the country & the university, then it would be suggestive to enquire about the university well & about the area where you would be staying. This need to be done before you finally decide the country & the university. Finally, always begin your course from the beginning. Do not think of starting the course in India & completing the rest of the part abroad. That may not be possible always & moreover, you will not be able to keep a track of the education system here & the system there. Start from the beginning, complete the course & only then come back to your home country to serve it in a better way.

Kaplan Higher Education

Online instructors and professors are required to hold two online office hours per week, and are also available via email and have to respond within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends if a student emails them. Also, weekly discussion boards are a part of each class curriculum, with a specific discussion topic required weekly for student/peers and student/instructor interaction in order to learn and grow within the student’s field. In addition, scheduled weekly seminar sessions are held online once a week in each class with audio chat capabilities available for most classes which is highly advised to attend but is not mandatory . Completing option 2, or a pre-expected and additional assignment, is left an option if life makes it impossible for the student to attend the scheduled weekly seminar session. Major core classes have required weekly exams which must be completed within the week in order to receive credit for taking the class, along with required weekly assignments that must be completed. Research papers are expected along with other types of writing papers and all students are fully required and expected to cite using APA format in order to avoid plagiarism.

Many courses also have a complete series of pre-recorded video sessions which are designed to replace the course textbook as the primary source of information. The video sessions are also available in text form, as notes and transcripts are posted for students to download and study. Within this context, the course text becomes a supplemental source of information to back up and reinforce what the students learn during the video session.

Students are given open access to a course lounge where they can meet informally and form study groups. In addition, Kaplan offers the use of a course chatroom, where help sessions are held prior to exams and special projects. Students may also use the course chatroom for group sessions on their own.

All seminars and group study sessions are archived so that students who cannot attend may review them in text form later.
Three former academic officers at Kaplan University have filed a wide-ranging federal lawsuit the university of defrauding the U.S. government out of more than $4 billion. The lawsuit alleges that Kaplan enrolled unqualified students, inflated their grades so they could stay enrolled, and falsified documents to obtain accreditation for certain academic programs. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Tampa, Florida in March 2008.

Innovative University of Teesside

Teesside University is dynamic, energetic, inspiring and innovative.

The University Of Teesside Entrance
The University Of Teesside Entrance

Teesside University is located in Middlesbrough, England. The University has a campus in Darlington named, Teesside University Darlington.

Tees Valley is a fantastic place to live with coast and countryside on the doorstep. If you like shopping you’ll love the results of a multimillion-pound spend in Middlesbrough center. The hub of student night life is our award-winning Students’ Union. And the town boasts pub, clubs, comedy and music venues to suit all tastes.

The University of Teesside is one of the UK’s most innovative universities with a community of 1,500 students from overseas. Teesside University offers

* a wide range of courses with internationally recognised British qualifications
* a bursary worth £1,500 a year
* free English language tuition and study support
* Your future is sparkling at Teesside University since Times Higher Education has named it the University of the Year 2009-10.
* One of the top UK universities for widening participation in higher education.


  1. Animation, Games & Computer Graphics
  2. Art & Design, Performing Arts & Music
  3. Business, Accounting & Marketing
  4. Computing
  5. Crime Scene, Forensic Science & Consumer Protection
  6. Education, Sociology & Youth Studies* Engineering
  7. English & History
  8. Health & Social Care
  9. Law
  10. Media & Journalism
  11. Psychology & Criminology
  12. Science, Sustainability & the Environment
  13. Sport & Exercise
  14. Web & Multimedia

teessideuniversity website http://www.tees.ac.uk//
image credit tees.ac.uk//

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Welcome to University of Plymouth

University of Plymouth
University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth is one of the UK’s most prominent and dynamic universities with an educational history dating back to 1862. The University of Plymouth is the largest university in the southwest of England, with over 30,000 students and is the fifth largest UK university based on student population. Plymouth also benefits from its attractive location with a vibrant city life and culture, set in dramatic countryside and close to some of Britain’s most beautiful beaches with excellent sailing and surfing opportunities.

Consistently ranked as one of the top three modern universities, Plymouth has

* over 30,000 students
* almost 3,000 staff
* an annual income of around £160 million
* a major role in the Combined Universities in Cornwall

Faculties of Social Science and Business (business studies, economics, hospitality, international relations, management studies, modern language unit, sociology, tourism); Science (agriculture, biology, environmental science, food technology, geography, geology, marine science, psychology); Art (art history, English, heritage, history, media arts, theater); Technology (mathematics, mechanical engineering, statistics).

Plymouth is known for its innovative courses covering a wide range of subjects. From Applied Marine Sports Science – through a range in New Media and fast track degrees in Computing/IT and Business Management  – to Zoological Conservation Management, we aim to fulfil a broad cross-section of needs.

The University of Plymouth has revised its academic structure to fully reflect its enterprise vision. Key developments include:

* the creation of a dynamic new Business School dedicated to ethical, sustainable business skills, and supporting the economic regeneration of our city and region
* bringing together complementary subjects in a new combined faculty of Science and Technology
* creating the largest Marine Science and Engineering School in Europe.

* Faculty of Arts
* Faculty of Education
* Faculty of Health & Social Work
* Faculty of Science
* Faculty of Social Science & Business
* Faculty of Technology
* University of Plymouth Colleges
* Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry
* Plymouth Devon International College

University of Plymouth Website: http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/
Image credit: Google images

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Study at Middlesex University

Logo of Middlesex University
Logo of Middlesex University

Middlesex University is a university in north London, England. It is located in the historic county boundaries of Middlesex from which it takes its name.

The University is spread across four sites campuses Hendon, Archway, Cat Hill and Trent Park. All campuses are located in North London and each specializes in a specific area of study. Each campus has quite a distinct character and some of the campuses are important architecturally, especially Trent Park. Over the past five years the Middlesex University has been consolidating many of its activities onto the Hendon campus.

Since 2004, the University has also been operating an overseas campus in Dubai and opened another one in Mauritius in October 2009.

Hendon campus – Subject focus: Business – accounting and finance, economics, human resource management, law and marketing; Computing – business information systems, computer networking and computer communications; Health and social sciences – criminology, politics, psychology, social work, sociology, world development studies, and complementary health. Also biomedical and biological sciences, nursing, sport sciences, public health and risk management.[

Trent park campus – Subject focus: Dance, drama and performing arts, English language and literature, media, culture and communication, music, theatre arts, languages and translation studies, philosophy, product design, Teaching and education.[12] It is also home to the Flood Hazard Research Centre, which moved here when Enfield campus closed in July 2008.

Cat hill campus – Subject focus: Art & Design, fashion, textiles, fine art, graphics and media arts.

Dubai campus – Subject focus: Accountancy, business administration, psychology, communication and media, computing science, tourism, human resource management, information technology, hospitality management, publishing and professional short courses

Specially for the international students

* Each year, students from numerous countries around the world begin their degrees at Middlesex with a year-long International Foundation Program.
* This program aims at developing the skills required for academic study in a UK university and improving their English language.
* For students with intermediate to advanced levels of English who have completed secondary school with good grades but who need to study further to meet the entry requirements for undergraduate degree courses at Middlesex University this proves to be the best program.
* International Foundation Programme students join their degree programmes already settled into university life, and confident that they understand what is required for degree study.

University Website: www.mdx.ac.uk/
image credit: taisha.org

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