Why International MBA?

Today in India, wide range of schools from small local providers to internationally recognized institutions such as the Indian Institute of Management and the Indian School of Business are firmly established as one of the leaders in business education. Despite to this many of the young students and professionals still choose to study for an MBA overseas. What are the major causes behind it?

1. India has some top-ranked business schools such as IIMs whose quality is at par with some of the best in the world. But that applies to only a handful of schools across the country and all the students do not get a chance to study there. Equally, not all MBA programs provided at other colleges stack up to the best-in-class. 

2.  The cultural setting of an MBA class-room in foreign countries is the most  diverse formal environment the student will ever encounter in their life-time.  A class full of 30 students with over 15 nationalities represented amongst them compared to an Indian class-room where more than two or three would be an achievement. Apart from this living in a foreign city, new culture, traveling alone in and outside the country develops the personality of the student makes him / her self reliant and ready to face the world.

3.  The choice of courses offered overseas are much more broader allowing the student to better structure MBA around the student’s career path with  opportunities to share classes with other programs not only at the business school but also at other  schools in the wider university campus enhances the options, e.g., law, public policy and Government.

4.  While it is not uncommon to find IIM alumni in senior positions at global  organizations, Indian schools can’t match the reach of some of the globalize institutions . What makes the comparison even worse is that some of these schools have been in existence for well over a 100 years churning out nearly a 1,000 MBAs each year. It is simply to be part of this elite network that draws many to do global MBA programs. A big global MBA brand opens doors anywhere around  the world but Indian brands are yet to graduate to a global level.

All this of course come at a cost and sometimes may go up to 5 to 10 times as needed in the home country. Not only that it is also involved in uprooting oneself from a place where he /she have their own family and many other attachments. However, the returns on investment from an MBA overseas continue to be extremely rewarding for most: a new career, a new country, new opportunities and excellent exposure. In today’s global market graduates with foreign degree and work experience are undoubtedly one step ahead of their domestic counterparts.

Top 20 Global MBA  schools as per the financial times.com

1. Columbia Business School, USA.

2. University of Pensylvania: Wharton, USA.

3. Havard Business School, USA.

4. Stanford University GSSB, USA.

5. Insead, France / Singapore

6. Columbia Business School, USA

7. IE Business School, Spain

8. MIT Sloan School of Management, USA.

9. University of Chicago: Booth, USA.

10. Hong Kong UST Business School, China

11. Lese Business School, Spain

12. Indian School of Business, India

13. New York University, Stern, USA.

14. Dartmouth College, Tuck, USA.

15. IMD, Switzerland.

16. Yale School of Management, USA

17. University of Oxford, UK.

18. HEC Paris, France.

19. Esade Business School, Spain

20. Duke University, Ferqua, USA.

Welcome to University of Plymouth

University of Plymouth
University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth is one of the UK’s most prominent and dynamic universities with an educational history dating back to 1862. The University of Plymouth is the largest university in the southwest of England, with over 30,000 students and is the fifth largest UK university based on student population. Plymouth also benefits from its attractive location with a vibrant city life and culture, set in dramatic countryside and close to some of Britain’s most beautiful beaches with excellent sailing and surfing opportunities.

Consistently ranked as one of the top three modern universities, Plymouth has

* over 30,000 students
* almost 3,000 staff
* an annual income of around £160 million
* a major role in the Combined Universities in Cornwall

Faculties of Social Science and Business (business studies, economics, hospitality, international relations, management studies, modern language unit, sociology, tourism); Science (agriculture, biology, environmental science, food technology, geography, geology, marine science, psychology); Art (art history, English, heritage, history, media arts, theater); Technology (mathematics, mechanical engineering, statistics).

Plymouth is known for its innovative courses covering a wide range of subjects. From Applied Marine Sports Science – through a range in New Media and fast track degrees in Computing/IT and Business Management  – to Zoological Conservation Management, we aim to fulfil a broad cross-section of needs.

The University of Plymouth has revised its academic structure to fully reflect its enterprise vision. Key developments include:

* the creation of a dynamic new Business School dedicated to ethical, sustainable business skills, and supporting the economic regeneration of our city and region
* bringing together complementary subjects in a new combined faculty of Science and Technology
* creating the largest Marine Science and Engineering School in Europe.

* Faculty of Arts
* Faculty of Education
* Faculty of Health & Social Work
* Faculty of Science
* Faculty of Social Science & Business
* Faculty of Technology
* University of Plymouth Colleges
* Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry
* Plymouth Devon International College

University of Plymouth Website: http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/
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University of Abertay Dundee – International Center for Excellence.

University of Abertay Dundee, located in Dundee, Scotland, is an an outstanding place to live and study and offers an affordable lifestyle. The University of Abertay Dundee is in a beautiful part of the world, and also in the Scotland’s sunniest city. This University is famous for providing an education for the future and internationally renowned for modern, contemporary and practical education.

u dundee1

Interests and courses covering accountancy and business management to creative sound production, ethical hacking, forensic science, sports psychology and much, much more are offered at University of Abertay Dundee.

Dundee Business School is closely linked to powerful industries, including oil and gas and new media, ensuring that their students learn real business skills to thrive in future career.

University of Abertay Dundee the School of Contemporary Sciences teaches all about environmental, forensic, food or health sciences, while the School of Social and Health Sciences covers psychology, sociology and sports studies.

Abertay was the first British university to offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in computer games technology, alongside their fantastic White Space facility – where students, lecturers and industry professionals work side-by-side in an open-plan learning environment – they run Dare to be Digital, an annual computer game development competition that attracts competitors from universities across the world. Abertay’s School of Computing and Creative Technologies truly is a center of excellence.

The courses offered by the University of Abertay Dundee are non-traditional in nature, being more vocationally focused than traditional universities. Honours degree courses such as “computer game technology”, “ethical hacking and countermeasures”, “forensic sciences”, “food product design” and “sport health and exercise” are all on the syllabus. Traditional academic subjects such as maths, physics, English, classics, geography, chemistry and history are not taught as named degree programs at the university.

logo dundee

In the UK Research Assessment Exercise 2001 (published December 2001), Abertay was identified as one of the most improved research universities in Britain.

The University of Abertay Dundee more than doubled its average score for research quality and was highlighted as the best university in Scotland for environmental science research and one of the top five in Britain.

image credit: www.abertay.ac.uk/
university website: www.abertay.ac.uk/
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Benefits Of MBA Program In UK

Top Management
Top Management

MBA with its main focus on teamwork and shared multinational experiences, leads you to work with the multi-talented people to deliver the very best results. This reveals why you should have MBA from UK. MBA can change how you solve problems or take great decisions. So an international exposure can help you a lot. Also when you study with people from all over the globe, you will be experiencing more and more exposure to their culture. When you have an MBA from UK you will be having an exposure with students from 120 countries. If you specialize or pursue a general MBA from UK, an MBA from UK is a perfect choice if your aim is to secure a top management position. It is a well known fact that MBAs are in high demand by top companies world-wide. So an MBA from world class university will help you a lot. There is an increasing worldwide demand for MBAs, with almost all the top business schools in UK.

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Leading Business School In UK
Leading Business School In UK

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