PHD Programs Offered in the U.S.A

phd holder studentsList of PHD Programs Offered in the U.S.A.

Students who earn this degree often go on to teach at the college level or pursue research positions. Prospective doctoral candidates can search for lists of Ph.D. programs by specialty, school ranking or graduate student population.

How are Ph.D. Programs Listed?

Doctoral programs are available in most academic fields, including social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, arts, business, healthcare and education. Individual Ph.D. programs are highly field-specific and often selected based on faculty advisors as much as schools, so students seeking lists of Ph.D. programs may wish to narrow down a field of study first. Many students also select a specific focus within their fields, such as ancient history or molecular biology, in order to identify a school or program offering relevant faculty expertise and research opportunities.

Survey-Based Ph.D. Ranking Lists

U.S. News & World Report ranks graduate schools based on peer reputation surveys and several data-based criteria, including graduation rates.

University and Location
California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech). Pasadena, CA
Stanford University. Stanford, CA Massachusetts
Institute of Technology. Cambridge, MA
Yale University. New Haven, CT
Harvard University. Cambridge, MA
Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD
Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA
Princeton University. Princeton, NJ
University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley, CA
University of California, Los Angeles. Los Angeles, CA

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