Welcome To New Castle University

The University of Newcastle, occupies a campus site close to Haymarket in central Newcastle upon Tyne. It is located to the northwest of the city center between the open spaces of Leazes Park and the Town Moor. The University has a core population of 19,700 students. It has a diverse, international community, giving you the chance to meet and make friends with students from around the globe. The New Castle University has more than 3000 overseas students from over 110 countries.

The University of Newcastle is a multi-campus institution located across four sites worldwide: Newcastle, Central Coast and Port Macquarie in Australia, and Singapore in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our City Precinct in Newcastle comprises University House, home of the Graduate School of Business and the University of Newcastle Legal Center, and the highly-regarded Conservatorium of Music.

The University offers a wide range of degrees supported by a high-quality academic, cultural and social experience.

The International Office offer advice and support on all aspects of studying and living in the UK. They regularly travel overseas so they have an understanding of the social cultures and educational systems of many countries.

Newcastle University has representative offices around the world so wherever you are, you’ll be able to find out about studying in Newcastle.

They have state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities to support you in your studies from your very first day.

Study facilities like Learning Zone, libraries and language centre combine with specialist research and teaching facilities.


The management at the New Castle University makes sure that you have best learning experience possible in whatever degree or course you choose to learn. They have an ongoing program of investment in academic facilities and services. This is to make sure that the student gets the most out of the university experience in the best learning environment.

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University Website: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/

Study In Canada

Study In Canada
Study In Canada

Canada is not only known for it’s picturesque locations, it’s also known for it’s high standard of education. The colleges in Canada are the best known colleges in the World, in terms of the educational programs offered and the facilities provided to the students.

Some Reasons For Studying In Canada.

* Universities in Canada offer world-class education.

* Canadian education system is qualitative and ranks among the best in the world.

* The United Nations has ranked Canada as one of the best countries to live in. Students become part of a diverse, welcoming and vibrant society that offers students a unique culture experience in a safe and beautiful environment.

* A degree or a diploma from a Canadian Educational Institution is universally recognized for it’s high academic standards.

* Studying in Canada has many other benefits like affordable tuition fees, the opportunity to work while you study and for a year after you graduate, and a great lifestyle in a beautiful and diverse country.

* Canada is one of the World leaders in Animation & Software Development, Telecommunications, Aerospace Engineering, Biotechnology,   Mining Technology & Environmental Industry.

* Education in Canada is under the complete jurisdiction of the Provinces.

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Successful VISA Assistance for Overseas Studies/Education

Visa Assistance
Visa Assistance

VISA is an approval that grants one the permission to travel to other countries and also defines his/her status in that country. Student Visas are issued for the period it takes the visitor to complete his/her course of study, program or work assignment.

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The major task after your admission gets confirmed from the university where you have applied getting is of getting visa from the consulate.

Getting VISA is not an easy task, a lot of factor plays important role here. It depends a lot on your presentation. If you represent yourself in accord, then the chances of rejection of Visa are very less.

Here we help by :

1.Preparing documentation and all the paper work needed for VISA for all countries.
2.Financial assitance and arranging document for it.
3.Giving personalized interview briefing services.
4.Mock Questions and Personal Interview Briefing.

On a regular basis, we are in touch with the Consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules; and therefore, we are always updated with latest developments taking place in this field.