Tips for Writing an Impressive SOP

Statement of Purpose is generally known as SOP is a very important document in your admission process for studies overseas. As you start writing your SOP, keep in mind that it will be reviewed by the professors who probably come across several other SOPs of the same kind. You have to put some efforts in order to make your SOP stand out. It is a very important document that decides whether or not you get into the university. Below are few tips, which you can use to write an impressive SOP:

Statement of Purpose

Be Unique:-

You need to be really unique while writing your SOP. Since the admission officer comes across many such SOPs in a day your SOP should be unique. You should refrain from writing a generic statement and you need to avoid the clichés. Writing the repetitive opening statement like “I have always been interested in Computer Science” or “Fashion Designing has always fascinated me” is not going to work. You should start your SOP with an interesting quote.

University Oriented SOP:-

You need to show your interest in that particular institute. You might have written a general SOP which you intend to send across in multiple universities but it does not work like that. When you are applying for a particular university you have to write your statement giving valid reasons as to why you are applying to that university. You need to mention the various things that you look forward to that make you want to join the university.

Writing Your Story: –

You must present yourself in such a way that you sound convincing and passionate about the university that you are applying to. Your purpose should be clear and concise and you should use proper vocabulary. The tone of your statement should not be too formal or too casual. Instead, it should be somewhere in between.

Highlighting Your Achievements: –

You should create a good image of yourself in your statement by talking about the significant strengths that you have and the hardships that you have gone through. This makes your profile look promising and the admission officer will find you interesting if he gets to know how you solved the problems that you faced since it reflects maturity and endurance which again is tested while you study abroad.

Proofreading and Reviewing: –

After you are done writing your SOP you should get it checked and check for the grammar errors and most importantly plagiarism. Your SOP should not be copied from anywhere because if you do that the admission officer will identify it and your application will certainly not be accepted. So refrain from plagiarism. Revise your content and check for grammatical errors. You should get your SOP reviewed from any senior or your faculty and ask them to criticize it so that you can improve it.

Explaining the Pitfalls: –

It is probable that throughout your career you can have some or the other failure and it is understandable. However, if you have certain backlogs or failures which clash with the entry requirement of the university then your admission is doubtful. When it comes to the minor failures you can give the valid explanation of how did you overcome them and what did you do while you were not pursuing any degree or career. So you need to have a valid explanation for the same.


Thus, in order to write a good SOP, you need to be concise and precise. You need to refrain from using flowery language and need to be cautious about the language you use. The information you provide should be relevant and you should clearly include your significant strengths. It should be reviewed by multiple people and should be customized according to the university. All the Best!

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