TOEFL Score Acceptance for Student Visa

TOEFL Score Acceptance for New Zealand Student Visa

English language requirement

Newzealand visa assistanceEvidence of English language ability can be a very good indicator of how the student will manage the requirements of a New Zealand course that is taught in English medium.

We therefore, regard proficiency in English language as a positive indicator in assessing a student visa application. We strongly recommend that IELTS certificate is provided with the student visa application.

New Zealand Education Providers will have their own English language requirements for an offer of place depending on the course you enrol in. The following guidelines have been suggested to us by a number of Education Providers in New Zealand and reflect their experience with students from this market.

· English scores in CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra, Kolkata and Chennai boards can also be presented in lieu of IELTS reports. A 60% score in English from one of the aforementioned boards is considered equivalent to an overall IELTS score of 5.5; 65% is considered equivalent to 6.0; 70% to 6.5 and so on.

Notwithstanding this, if an IELTS result is available, it is considered as conclusive evidence of student’s English language ability and considered against the course entry requirement. We have to be satisfied that the student meets the entry requirement for the course they enrol in.

We do not consider TOEFL results in isolation as conclusive evidence of English Language ability, as they are unable to be readily verifiable. We strongly recommend that if a student is to undertake a test they should undertake the IELTS test so that their level of English is clearly measured against the course requirement.

You may also provide any other additional information in support of your English language ability. Any other evidence provided in relation to English language proficiency will be considered and should be supported by a full explanation as to why this might demonstrate that you meet the required level of English. We take account of the evidence and all the circumstances of the application (which includes nature of your employment history, qualification) to assess if you meet the minimum standard of English language required for the course you are enrolled in.

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