Undergraduate Studies Abroad on the Rise

Of late the number of students choosing Overseas Education at the undergraduate level, rather than at the postgraduate level is on the rise. This shift can be attributed to paucity of reputed institutions and lack of specialized courses in India. The US on the other hand boasts of institutions which are among the best in the world and offer a wide variety of courses to suit individual needs. All one has to do is to get a decent score in SAT (SCHOLASTIC APTITUTE TEST) and the TOEFL to get an admission to a course of his/her choice in the USA.

The Preparation for SAT does not entail rigorous toil and time as it is a test of English language and Math. Most students prefer to prepare and appear for SAT in their XI itself. This reduces stress and they can concentrate on their XII without any diversions of entrance exams.

Krishna Consultants provides a platform to fulfill your career goals by preparing you for SAT and PSAT exam (which is prep for the main SAT) through personalized coaching. We focus on teaching the aspiring students in the direction of the most effective career path and assisting them to secure admission into the best institutions of the world. We also offer quality services, together with a monitored guidance to the students, hoping to make them self-governing in nation they want to study.

A batch was launched last week and the new SAT batch commences on 21st July 2016.

Have the foresight and chart your destiny. A promising future beckons, so what are you waiting for?

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